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As Light is sent in a Desertic Mystical world, he is embarked in an adventure to explore this universe, discover his past and resolve puzzles tied to this place.

He will use magical powers allowing to create and destroy environmental elements to progress, discover his past and his ties to this place.

A 3D platformer adventure game developed on Unity With the use of Visual Studio and MagicaVoxel.

The game was made by 6 students from the Institut de l'Internet et du Multimedia and was started in October 2018.

The current state of the game is : Vertical Slice Beta 3.

Last updated the 06/14/2019

The team is composed of : 

Igor Le Bis-Gauthier : Technical Lead & GD & LD
Axel Fazer : Sound Designer & Programmer
Leonard Vuillot : Programmer & R&D
Guillaume Peignot : GD & QA
Idris Piers : Producer
Artem Furmanov : Producer & Artist

Feel free to send us feedback through our social media accounts : 
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RockSolidGame/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GameRockSolid?lang=en

We hope you will enjoy this experience we want to share with you !

Install instructions

-Download the File
-Extract the .Rar
-Open Folder Rock_Solid_1.0
-Launch RockSolid.exe


RockSolid_1.0.190614.zip 605 MB


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I had a play and thought this was really neat. I did get stuck but the little character is neat and the overall enjoyment very enjoyable to play.

Well Done and I look forward to future updates.

Good Luck